Prospective PhD students

I am always on the look out for enthusiastic new PhD students! Feel free to send me a copy of your CV if you are interested in working with me on any of the research projects mentioned on this website. My research interests are quite broad and so even if you don’t see something that exactly matches what you are interested in, do get in touch to see if we have any mutual interests. See the About me page for my contact details.


There are limited sources of funding (scholarships/studentships) available for potential PhD students that are distributed at certain times of year. All funding is allocated competitively. For both UK and international students, it is best to apply well in advance of the deadlines below. (And note that the deadlines below are only indicative rather then definite.)

That said, do get in touch regardless of the time of year if you are interested in working with me.

For UK students

There are EPSRC doctoral training funds available (see the EPSRC website for details). These tax-free studentships cover your fees and living costs. They are normally allocated in January/February each year through a faculty wide competition, though there are often one or two extra studentships available at other times.

For international students (including EU students)

There are University of Bristol scholarships available which cover your fees and living costs (in line with EPSRC studentships). They are normally allocated in January each year — the competition is usually extremely fierce and only the best students are awarded studentships.