I’m currently a Reader (equivalent to associate professor for those outside the UK) in the Department of Engineering Mathematics at the University of Bristol and affiliated to both the Applied Nonlinear Mathematics research group and the Dynamics and Control research group.

For my publications, see my Google Scholar page as Google is better at updating lists than I am!

I have a broad range of research interests across the field of applied mathematics, but I focus particularly on engineering related applications including robotics. Many mathematicians call me an engineer, whilst many engineers call me a mathematician – you can form your own opinions!

I’m more generally interested in the theory/practice underpinning scientific computing and programming – at the moment I’m really getting into using Julia.

My specialities include

  • mathematical modelling (mostly engineering related, but I enjoy broader challenges and I’ve done some work in the bio-sciences),
  • the dynamics and control of nonlinear systems,
  • numerical methods for dynamical systems (particularly in the area of bifurcation analysis),
  • systems with delay (mostly delay differential equations).

At the moment I am actively looking into stochastic/uncertain systems, in particular how you can deal with experimental data in the context of dynamics.


If you are interested in working with me, please see my Prospective Students page.

Current research staff

  • Ludovic Renson — working on control theory related aspects control-based continuation and funded as a Royal Academy of Engineering research fellow until Dec 2021 (started Sept 2014 as a Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellow)
  • Position vacant — working on control-based continuation as part of the EPSRC grant “Next-generation test methods for nonlinear structures” until May 2020 (with possible extension)

Current research students

  • Kirsty Aquilina — working on control schemes for tactile manipulation in robotics and funded by the FARSCOPE centre for doctoral training (started Jan 2016)
  • Ollie Frolovs — working on control-based continuation applied to rotor dynamics and funded by an EPSRC iCASE studentship (started Sept 2016)
  • Kyoung Hyun Lee — working on the fundamentals of control-based continuation and funded by a University of Bristol overseas scholarship (started Oct 2018)
  • Lizzie Stone — working on online learning control for tactile robotics and funded by the FARSCOPE centre for doctoral training (started Jan 2018)

Previous research staff

Previous research students

  • Adam Zienkiewicz — Data-driven modelling of zebrafish locomotion and collective behaviour (awarded PhD 10 May 2016)
  • Dan Hewitt — Detecting freeplay in mechanical systems (awarded PhD 10 May 2016)
  • Andrea Cammarano — Increasing the bandwidth of resonant vibration-based energy harvesters (awarded PhD 8 January 2013)


If you are interested in working with me on any of these topics, please feel free to drop me an email (see my contact details).

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