New PhD scholarship opportunity in robotics/machine learning

There is the opportunity for fully-funded PhD scholarships starting September 2019 as part of the next University of Bristol funding competition. The deadline for applications is January 2019 (the precise date is to be announced).

Funding can be awarded to students of any nationality, though the chances of funding are likely higher for UK nationals (and others eligible for EPSRC doctoral funding) and Chinese nationals (via the CSC funding programme) since more funding is available through those routes.

I am particular interested in recruiting students for a PhD opportunity in tactile robotics and machine learning (though do also get in touch if you are considering nonlinear dynamics and control more generally).

A short project description is below.

Present approaches to tactile sensing and control require large amounts of data to train machine learning algorithms, or other statistical methods, to transform low-level sensory data into high-level information such as contact position, angle and force. Once a suitable model is learnt from data it is then used to within a control policy to complete the desired robotic manipulation task. While this approach is effective, it is far from efficient. This project will investigate the use of online learning combined with a high-level objective function to minimise the amount of prior training required. A local interaction model can be learnt from online sensor readings and the known movements between them and, as such, a robot manipulator can learn how to interact with its surroundings as it is carrying out useful tasks. This project has the opportunity to make use of extensive experimental facilities in conjunction with the Bristol Robotics Laboratory.

A more detailed version is also available.