Welcome to City in the Sky! On this website you’ll find a (strange?) mix of Christianity, mathematics research and open source development.

I’ve recently started writing blog posts but don’t expect any deep insights or novel thoughts — it’s mostly just a place where I’m going to record my findings/frustrations with research projects and technology in general. Hopefully it’s useful to some people, even if not very many!

About me

I’m David Barton, living in Bristol, UK. I’m married to Johanna and have three daughters, Phoebe, Niamh, and Esther.

During the day I’m a lecturer in the Department of Engineering Mathematics at the University of Bristol (see Research for details of my work).

What little spare time I have (after spending time with wife and/or children) seems to get spent on doing DIY on our home in Bristol. I love the great outdoors, I can think of few things better than just relaxing and taking in the scenery. I’d really love to take a tent, a camera and a few books and go wander around some of the Scottish highlands. Perhaps when the children leave home (it could be some time…).